Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fancy Dress for Promotions!

Dressing up to promote your business!

One way to make sure you get noticed on the street is get dressed up! Whether you're passing out leaflets, have a team doing a street survey or holding an event, fancy dress, especially if it's in bright colours, really helps you to stand out from the crowd, and curious people will pause to see what is going on!

Recently, Hype Agency in Bristol hired our 1920's costumes to promote their Christmas parties in Bristol City Centre. With the theme for 2012 being 'The Great Gatsby', they decided to dress up for the theme for handing out flyers and free mince pies.

Needless to say the girls lot a lot of attention! Being in fancy dress, passers by couldn't help but stop to see what was happening. They stood out not only from the crowd, but from the other promo teams and charity people on the street.

If you're interested in trying the same thing, give us a call or email us on to discuss your requirements! We're full of ideas and happy to help. See our Contact page on our website for details.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 - the countdown has started!

The Halloween Countdown has started!

With many fancy dress shops already planning and buying in their stock, it’s amazing how early in the year people start planning for Halloween!

In the UK, thanks in part to all the U.S. TV we watch, Halloween has gone from a time when a few kids go out ‘tick or treating’ dressed up as a witch or vampire, to something that’s a great excuse for adults to get dressed up and go out or have a party! It’s not even limited to being ‘something scary’ anymore. Like the Americans, we seem to be starting to wear whatever we want to wear.

In fancy dress terms, Halloween has actually overtaken Xmas and New Year for getting dressed up. It’s huge! Popular costumes vary, but depend a lot on what new films or TV shows have inspired the masses. Twilight has had a big impact, as have all the Zombie themed Films and TV shows and video games of late. Here in Bristol for example, there is a ‘Zombie Walk’ every Halloween in the city centre (, and elsewhere  in the country alongside paintball, group activities are including Zombie experiences ( or

So what’s predicted to be big this year?
  • Harry Potter might be old news now, but kids are still enjoying the books so expect to see children still dressed up as characters from the books.
  • Woman in Black was a film released this year, and it’s spooky theme will lend itself well to Halloween for fans.
  • Jonny Depp films always influence the fancy dress market (just look at how popular pirates become, especially Captain Jack Sparrow following Pirates of the Carribbean). His recent film Dark Shadows will just add to the Vampire obsession, but with a gothic, 18th century look rather than the more modern versions we’ve seen.
  • Twilight is still so popular, and has a huge huge base of obsessive fans, so expect to see a few dressed up with a Twilight theme!
  • Snow white and the huntsmen could encourage a bit of wicked queen action, or perhaps other characters from the film.
  • Baddies in films make great fancy dress costume ideas for Halloween. New Batman Film, Dark Knight Rises, has been huge, sodressing up as Batman, Catwoman or Bane is likely to be very popular.
Even so, a good costume has to be orginal. There's nothing worse than turning up at a fancy dress event and finding others dressed the same anyway, but with fancy dress, it's more so, as the point it to be different from the norm! A few years ago I turned up at an 80's movie party dressed up as Jessica Rabbit.... only to find 4 others dressed the same. My partner, dressed as Indiana Jones however was the only one (and we thought that was more obvious!).

So why not try something different this year? 
Hire something really special and stand out in the crowd from the smiffy's ebay purchasers. I(f you're in Bristol especially, check out our fancy dress hire options

We'll be adding to our Halloween fancy dress section in the coming months, ready for October, but or try something less traditional from one of our other sections? Perhaps one of the Skeleton Pirates from the Pirates of the carribbean film Curse Of the Black Pearl (, or go as a ghost of someone from history such as shakespeare (

Any other ideas? We'd love to hear about them!!!!!! Especially as we're making our Halloween collection at the moment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New costumes added to our website!

After a lot of hard work photographing our latest costumes over the Jubilee weekend, they've finally been added to our website!
Go to to check out the pictures, but all of these costumes are now available to hire in Bristol now!

  • Cream and gold georgian couple - perfect for a masquerade ball
  • Peach georgian crinoline
  • Gold georgian gentleman
  • Upstairs downstairs (vistorian) maid
  • Pirot clown
  • 2 pirates
  • 2 medieval peasants
  • Gold medieval lady
  • Red medieval gentleman
  • Indiana Jones
  • 2 Devils
  • Dracula
  • Cavalier man and matching lady
  • 3 wenches
  • Arabian princess/Genie
  • Cinderella 
We still have loads more great costumes being made right now, and even more planned so watch this space! We're always happy for volunteers for our photoshoots too, so drop us an email to if you fancy getting involved.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot deal! Half price quick hire!

We're running a special offer this week to launch our website - half price hire!

We're offering half price hire on all of our costumes for this week only - Thursday 7th June through to Thursday 14th June. Hire is for 24 hours, collect one day, and return the next. Perfect for photographers planning an interesting project or midweek student parties!

Costume collection is by appointment, so please get in touch if interested to book your costume!

Visit our website on to take a look at what we have on offer. Additional costumes are available but awaiting images. These include:
  • Additional Georgian, Medieval and Pirate costumes (various sizes)
  • Pirot clown (12-14)
  • Indiana Jones (medium-large)
  • Cavalier man (44" chest) and lady (14-16)
  • Arabian princess/genie (sz8-10)
  • Cinderella (sz14)

Full deposit still payable in case of loss or damage, but will be returned on safe return of the costume. Please see our website for terms and conditions. Usual hire period is 3 days, but for this special offer only 24 hours.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another great Photoshoot - at Colston Yard!


After having a new batch of costumes arriving, including more Georgians, more Pirates and more Medieval outfits, we HAD to do another photoshoot as soon as possible to get the pictures added to our website!

Our fab photographer, Ed Melville, stepped behind the camera again and this time we used a fantastic studio in Bristol city centre - MJM Studios at Colston Yard. 

The facilities were brilliant. Loads of space, very well equipped, nice changing room and plenty of space for those roped in this time to model the costumes to change and relax between shots. Helpful and accomodating studio manager and even parking which is rare in such a central location. Ed the photographer was equally impressed. Just check out the pics!

We have 697 images to go through now and choose to be edited for our website.... but hopefuly they will be added to the Your Costume Box website and our facebook page very soon.

MJM Studios come highly recommended by us, and we'd definitely use them again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Charity Fashion Show

Our costumes were recently included in a charity fashion show!

The latest additions to our collection have just been featured in a charity fashion show. The new costumes include Cavaliers, Medieval and Georgian couples.

We ca;t wait to get tthese photographed properly - especially the cavaliers as they'll be great fun on our next photoshooton 3rd June!

These costumes are on loan at the moment, but will return to us soon in time for our next photoshoot  - look out for some fab new pics on soon after that.

Check out these pics.....

Photoshoot Fun!

One of the most fun things about launching this business has been the photography for the website! 

The costumes were split between 2 photoshoots so we’d have time to fit them all in and get each costume worn by a couple of different people where possible, so it’s easy to see how each one looks on different bodyshapes where possible. Many of the costumes are multi-sized so it was really important to us to get this across!

Fran roped in a few friends, all of whom were fantastic – each and every one made a huge effort and enjoyed the dressing up. What began as a serious photoshoot turned into a fun packed day with a lot of laughs, a bit of comedy bustle-bumping and a bit of cheeky nudity (Tony!).

The photography for the hire costumes has all been done by a fab photographer – Ed Melville.  Great images, good direction and a lovely bloke too. We’re really looking forward to the next photoshoot already Make sure you check out his website ....... and we'll be looking for more models to join us too, so if you fancy giving it a go, email us on for more information.

Facebook Page Launched!

We've launched our very own facebook page!

Our fab new facebook page features pictures of our costumes for hire, outtakes from our photoshoots and a whole section to show our friends wearing our costumes! If you have a pic you'd like to share on our page - just send it over to us and we'll add it!

How to find our new Facebook page:

Either search for 'Your Costume Box' or go to - make sure you 'like' our page while you're there to see our posts on any special offers or new costumes that have been added to our collection

Please send any pics we can feature of you wearing our costumes to - we'll be running a competiton based on these pics sometime soon... so get pics in now ready!

Site Launch

This week sees the launch of our new website and costume business - Fancy Dress Fanatics

We first discussed the possibility of running a fancy dress website back in January 2011. Jo Lindsay, a costumier by trade for the last 50 years had been making fewer costumes of late, and was itching to get some new, fun projects underway, and Fran was looking for something fun to do out of her usual working hours that would utilise her marketing skills. Jo had previously run a number of franchise costume hire business through the 70’s and 80’s, and after a lot of chatting about the possibilities, decided to start a costume hire business together and was born!

The following months involved a lot of chatting about how it would work, looking at what the potential was and planning what costumes to create. And while Jo got started making the costumes, Fran started to explore the possibilities of getting additional costumes from wholesalers to sell instead in addition to the hire costumes, and planning the website. In September 2011 the first photoshoot for the costumes took place, with a second shoot in October (more about that later), and more website building and costume making going on behind the scenes.

After hitting a delay in November and December with Christmas, New Year, house moving and all sorts, 2012 started with us finalising the logo, designs and getting the site ready to launch. 

The full website where you can buy costumes as well as viewing our hire offering is still being created, but for the meantime, we have a temporary website displaying all the hire costumes which will be available until the full site is launched (hopefully very soon!)

Fran and Jo are both very excited by the new business venture and can’t wait to get stuck in! With plenty of events planned for the future, including fashion shows and charity fancy dress parties, and more photoshoots for even more costumes...2012 is looking like a fantastic year already!