Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photoshoot Fun!

One of the most fun things about launching this business has been the photography for the website! 

The costumes were split between 2 photoshoots so we’d have time to fit them all in and get each costume worn by a couple of different people where possible, so it’s easy to see how each one looks on different bodyshapes where possible. Many of the costumes are multi-sized so it was really important to us to get this across!

Fran roped in a few friends, all of whom were fantastic – each and every one made a huge effort and enjoyed the dressing up. What began as a serious photoshoot turned into a fun packed day with a lot of laughs, a bit of comedy bustle-bumping and a bit of cheeky nudity (Tony!).

The photography for the hire costumes has all been done by a fab photographer – Ed Melville.  Great images, good direction and a lovely bloke too. We’re really looking forward to the next photoshoot already Make sure you check out his website www.ejmphotography.co.uk ....... and we'll be looking for more models to join us too, so if you fancy giving it a go, email us on info@yourcostumebox.com for more information.

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