Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New costumes added to our website!

After a lot of hard work photographing our latest costumes over the Jubilee weekend, they've finally been added to our website!
Go to to check out the pictures, but all of these costumes are now available to hire in Bristol now!

  • Cream and gold georgian couple - perfect for a masquerade ball
  • Peach georgian crinoline
  • Gold georgian gentleman
  • Upstairs downstairs (vistorian) maid
  • Pirot clown
  • 2 pirates
  • 2 medieval peasants
  • Gold medieval lady
  • Red medieval gentleman
  • Indiana Jones
  • 2 Devils
  • Dracula
  • Cavalier man and matching lady
  • 3 wenches
  • Arabian princess/Genie
  • Cinderella 
We still have loads more great costumes being made right now, and even more planned so watch this space! We're always happy for volunteers for our photoshoots too, so drop us an email to if you fancy getting involved.

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