Friday, April 19, 2013

Party theme - the A - Z party theme and what you can go as

Popular party theme now is throwing a party based around a certain letter (or letters!) of the alphabet. We mentioned it in our 'Party Themes' blog earlier this month, but it's so popular, we think it deserves a blog series of it's own!

Often it's the initial(s) of a birthday girl or guy, or sometimes it's random, depending on what the party is for! But this kind of theme is becoming increasingly popular, and we're always getting calls from people asking for ideas!

The frustrating thing is, you'd think that some of the more common letters would be easy peasy to think of something great to dress up as, but we've found when it comes to it, you're more than often stumped, especially if you want to try and be original, even if the answer is staring you right in the face! So we decided it might be a fun idea to write a series of blogs, based on each letter, listing loads of ideas. We also have a list in our shop for anyone who pops in or phones us, so we're ready to help! We're adding to the lists all the time, as we think of more, and if you have any to add, make sure you pop a comment on our posts with your suggestions!

If you're planning to throw a letter-themed party, why not pop the website address of our blog on your invites so your party goers can easily find something to match your theme?

A-Z costumes Blog index:

Costumes beginning with the letter 'a' published 29/04/13
Costumes beginning with the letter 'b' published 17/05/13
....more coming soon!

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