Monday, June 10, 2013

Glastonbury 2013 Fancy Dress Ideas

Glastonbury Festival is just a couple of weeks away, and is always a popular time to get dressed up. It's a lot of fun anyway, but in a group especially, a bit of fancy dress definitely adds to the occasion!

But what to go as? That's always the hardest bit, unless like Bestival there's a specific theme. Especially if you're in a group - what could be fun, make you stand out and actually be suitable for wearing to a festival? We thought we'd put together a few ideas to help inspire your outfit choices for Glastonbury 2013!

Animal Onezies
They've been a huge craze over the last year, especially animal ones. We've seen a lot of them at festivals last summer and as an easy peasy (and comfortable!) fun outfit, they're a winner! But they can get pretty warm, so check the weather report beforehand! If it's going to get really hot and sunny (fingers crossed!!!!) you can still go with an animal theme without the toasty onezie. Get some animal accessories like masks, head boppers (great for bees and bugs!) ears on a headband, tails you can attach to your shorts/skirt/trousers a few simple accessories to take with you will be easier to carry, easily disposed of and cheaper too!

Something Fantiscal
Stories, myths and fantastical characters go really well with festivals. Fairies, nymphs or other woodland type creatures are a great theme for an outdoor festival and you can go as far with it as you like. Just some wings partnered with something floaty or a full on costume,  it's a perfect excuse to cover yourself in glitter and facepaints!
Other fanatastical themes like Alice in Wonderland, avater or one of the many fun inhabitants of Neverland or Narnia also work really well for a festival theme opening up not only fairies as an idea but pirates, mermaids, gnomes, fauns, wizards, unicorns - all could make a very interesting theme for your festival fancy dress!

Musical Legends
Pretty obvious really as it's a musical festival, but could not be more appropriate! You can be mainstream or more obscure with this theme, and it's totally flexible. Dress up as one of your favourite artists performing this year, or honour one of the many performers who've been there over the years're in a group, there are plenty of groups that you can go as. For larger groups you can go for a music theme, or year - either way, it's a perfect theme for a small or large group!

Hippy Chic
Festivals and flower power go hand in hand, so it's not surprising there's always a bit of hippy chic in just normal festival fashion, let alone those getting dressed up! Glastonbury started in the 70's (as a much smaller festival!). The very first Glastonbury festival was held in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix died and a year after Woodstock became a pivotal moment in music history. Although the festival has grown considerably since then into something very different, the atmosphere the maintains it's heritage. There are some brilliant photos of the Glastonbury festival in the 70's on the official Glastonbury website. Well worth a look! 

60's and 70's themes do work well, but an 80's theme is also great fun, very popular and very easy to do! With everyday fashion taking hints from the 80's in recent years, you probably already have stuff in your wardrobe for an 80's theme - just a few little accessories should finish it off nicely!

Fancy dress accessories are a great way to jazz things up at a festival without getting uncomfortable. Bright Neon Tutu's are pretty popular (but they won't be very original!) and they're easily whipped off if  they get annoying! Other fun things are wings, head boppers, fun novelty hats, crazy wigs in bright colours - anything brightly coloured and fun!

Face Paints
There's always face painting people at these events, but why not take a pack of your own? You could have a lot of fun as a group painting each others faces, and give it 5 minutes and you'll have others stopping by your tent wanting to join in - a great way to meet fellow festival goers. Taking facepaints with you is cheap and fun - just make sure to take a few packs of wet wipes to clean up the mess!

Other ideas:

Army theme
Indian Chiefs

For more ideas, why not check out some pictures from previous years at Glastonbury for a bit of inspiration!

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