Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Costumes beginning with the letter 'G'

The next in our series of blogs on costumes A-Z, perfect for those ever increasing 'come as something beginning with letter of the alphabet' themes, here's a huge list of ideas for fancy dress beginning with 'G'

Some are easily put together with bits at home, some more elaborate and needing to buy or hire, but hopefully there's enough here to inspire you with the perfect costume solution!

Got any ideas to add to the list? Pop a comment on this post with your own additions and we'll add them!

Gaga (Lady)
Galadriel (Lord of Rings)
Game Warden
Gameshow Girl
Gameshow Host
Gangster’s Moll
Garden Gnome
Geisha Girl
Gene Simmons (Kiss)
General (Army)
George Harrison
Georgian Lady 
Georgian Man
Geppetto (Pinocchio’s dad)
German beer Wench
German boy/girl
German Leader
German Soldier
Ginger Spice
Gingerbread man
Glam Rock Star
Glinda (Wizard of Oz)
Go Go girl (60′s)
God (e.g. Zeus)
Gold Finger Girl
Gomez Addams
Good Witch
Goose (Topgun)
Gothic Vampire
Gothic Vampiress
Grave Digger
Greek God/Goddess
Gretel (& Hansel)
Grim Reaper 
Groovy Chick
Guenevere (King Arthur’s Lady)
Gypsy Bride/Wedding

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shop Launch Party

To celebrate the opening of our shop on Saturday 13th July, we threw a launch party a couple of days before, to celebrate our opening and thank our supporters for all their help. We were delighted to be joined on that very special day for us with so many familiar as well as new faces!

We had plenty of bubbly and nibbles, and the atmosphere throughout the evening was relaxed and informal and everyone seemed to have a great time, giving us lots of positive feedback about our shop and our products - the Children's costumes we have certainly seem to be going down well.

We were really pleased to have along Rebecca Day from Bishopston Voice (, Blogger Bishopston Mum ( and Ann-Louise from YouStreet Gift Cards (, which we'll be accepting once they're released in August. All of whom were absolutely lovely and a pleasure to meet finally!

Overall, a great evening! With Special thanks to Rebecca and Hilary for sharing the photos they took so we could include them on our blog!
Big thank you to everyone that joined us; friends, strangers, neighbours, it was you that made it such a success!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Secret Garden Party Fancy Dress Ideas - Superstition? Difficult theme!

So this year's Secret Garden Party has the theme 'Superstition' and already we've had plenty of mystified Party-Goers coming into our shop stuck for ideas.  So we thought we'd help!

You could go as someone who IS superstitious (carrying garlic, crosses, horseshoes etc) or as the superstition itself. We thought it's more fun to go AS the superstition :)

Here's a list of some of our ideas - many are do-able with what we stock, but some will need a little imagination! We're still pondering though, so we'll add more as we think of them! And if you're in Bristol and have an idea you need help with, why not pop in or give us a call? We might not have something in stock, but with a few days notice, we can order things in!

A few ideas:

Black Cat 
We stock cat tails and ears in our shop, probably a good one for the heat as you can dress in whatever black clothes you feel comfortable in)

4 Leaf Clover
It's lucky, but hard one to dress up as! We do have leprechaun outfits which feature clovers, or you could use some of our fab Snazaroo body and face paint applied with a sponge to turn yourself into a green clover - we even have plenty of green hairspray for your hair!

White Rabbit/Rabbit Foot 
We have rabbit ears and tails sets in the shop, white and pink, or white and black.Or if you give us a few days notice, we can order in rabbit costumes! Come in and take a look at our catalogues.

We all have done it at some point or another, saluting a single magpie to avoid the 'one for sorrow' trap. Dressing up as one would be tricky though! We have white feather wings which could be sprayed black and white, black and white facepaint and hairspray too. Something could be done with this one we're sure! 

Walking under ladders 
We totally do this, but walking around with a ladder all day would be a pain!!! You wouldn't have to worry about being stuck at the back though! Maybe a cardboard ladder could work?

Peacock feathers in the home 
You can get hold of these in craft shops, maybe stick them to your outfit. Failing that, we can order you in a fabulous Peacock outfit!

Wearing Bridal wear before getting married 
Calling all married ladies! It's finally something you can wear your wedding dress again for. Hurrah! Bit risky if you're single though..... :)

Unlucky to open an umbrella indoors doesn't really work for an outdoor event, BUT carrying an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun can't be a bad thing! We have a few dress-up sunshade umbrellas here in the shop, but I'm sure everyone has an umbrella somewhere with the Great British weather we're all so used to!

Spilled Salt 
You could go as a salt shaker (that would be a blue peter job! we have ketchup and mustard, but not a Salt Shaker costume!). Not sure the grass will like having salt dropped all over it though!

Gypsy's Heather 
Supposed to be good luck, but the Heather itself would be a bit of a challenging costume. Why not go as a Fortune Teller/Gypsy costume instead (we have one in stock)? And if you can get a bit of heather, carry it around.

Number 13 
Other than painting or sticking a number 13 onto your clothes, I think this one's a toughy!

It's not christmas, but it still falls under the category of superstition. Someone will have some plastic Mistletoe in their Xmas decs box I'm sure!

Breaking a mirror 
Definitely don't recommend breaking a mirror.... broken glass would NOT make a safe costume! You can get mirrored card though. There's something in this one somewhere! 

Touch Wood 
We haven't seen anything that could work as a wood costume, but some bright spark will think of something! Could lead to a bit of inappropriate touching!

Horseshoe over the door 
Not easy to do!!! Only thing we can think of is fashioning a sort of headband with a horseshoe (made out of cardboard) and dressing up as a door (again, cardboard!). Anyone got a better idea?

Autumn Leaf 
Catching a falling leaf in Autumn is good luck, so perhaps trying to make yourself look like an autumn leaf would be a good spin on this? Weather using autumnal coloured clothes, facepaint, body paints and spray paints, a cardboard cutout.. everyone who's been researching superstitions ready for this event will probably have ready this one and got an idea of what you're trying to achieve!

Got any other ideas? Add them to the comments!

Stop by our new Fancy Dress shop in Bristol (bottom of Gloucester Road, virtually under the arches) for a nosey and some inspiration! 
Find us:

To read up on some superstitions for a little inspiration, try this blog:

For more information about Secret Garden Party and it's theme, take a look at the webiste

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our feature on

We're very excited to have a whole article about our new shop featured on the Bishopston Matters website! It's a great chance to let the locals know about who we are and what we do, and such a great little community site to get included on!

Bishopston Matters is a community magazine for Bishopston, Horfield, Ashley Down and St. Andrews, covering community news and events, and is distributed free to over 3,500 homes in the local area per month with extra copies found in local community centres, cafes etc in the local area.

Thank you so much Bishopston Matters!!!

Read the whole article here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our shop in Bristol is open! Come and see us!

We're so pleased to have opened our doors to the public on Saturday 13th July!Not been open long, but so far we're absolutely loving it down here!

We've had amazing feedback from the local people who have popped in to have a nosey around - something we definitely encourage!

The best reception we've had has been for our Children's costumes and accessories! Plenty of mums commenting about the pushchair friendly shop and what we have in stock so far and we still haven't got everything in yet! Exciting times.

Our first hire costume came back damaged sadly, but we've also had one of our Medieval Peasants going out for use on BBC's 'Countryfile', due to air 4th August we think, so look out for that one!

As for the usual strange requests we get as a Fancy Dress Shop? Oh we have plenty! Our favourite so far was a guy after a ladies Pirate costume.... for HIM to wear. Always fun to help a guy get in drag! The comedy potential is brilliant! 

Our neighbours are lovely - while we've been fitting the shop over the last couple of weeks, Dominic from Do'Lii Caffe Bar ( has been a massive help, full of brilliant advice. His place is two doors down and fab - definitely recommended! The guys from 'Oh! Calcutta' are lovely too. We definitely have to pop in there soon for an after-work bite!

Fancy coming down and seeing for yourself? Find us at the bottom of Gloucester Road, virtually underneath the arches, barely a few doors up - or take a look at our website for location info:

Or come and find us at:

Fancy Dress Fanatics
212 Cheltenham Road

Tel: 0117 329 0093

Costumes beginning with the letter 'F'

The next in our series of blogs on costumes A-Z, perfect for those ever increasing 'come as something beginning with letter of the alphabet' themes, here's a huge list of ideas for fancy dress beginning with 'F'

Some are easily put together with bits at home, some more elaborate and needing to buy or hire, but hopefully there's enough here to inspire you with the perfect costume solution!

Got any ideas to add to the list? Pop a comment on this post with your own additions and we'll add them!

Fair Maiden
Fairy Godmother
Fairy Tale Princess
Fallen Angel
Famous Person
Fantastic Four
Father Christmas
Father Ted
FBI Agent
Felicity Shagwell
Femme Fatale
Fester Addams
Fiona (Shrek)
Fire Lady
Flamenco Dancer
Flash (Marvel superhero)
Flash Gordon
Flasheart (Lord)
Fleur Delacour (H/Potter)
Flight Attendant
Florence Nightingale
Flower Child (60's)
Food: Pumpkin, carrot, taco Hotdog, Banana, Choc Muffin, Gingerbread man
Fool (jester)
Football Player
Fortune Teller
Foxy Cleopatra (Austin Powers)
Foxy Lady
Francis Drake
Frankenfurter (Rocky Horror Show)
Frankenstein’s Bride
Fred (Scooby Doo)
Fred Astair
Fred Flintstone
Freddie Mercury
Freddy Kruger
French Artiste’
French Lady/Man
French Maid
Frenchie (Grease)
Fresh Prince
Friar Tuck
Frieda (from Abba)
Frodo (LOTR)
Frog Prince