Thursday, September 19, 2013

Costumes beginning with the letter 'K'

Another in our series of blogs on costumes A-Z, perfect for those ever increasing 'come as something beginning with letter of the alphabet' themes, here's a huge list of ideas for fancy dress beginning with 'K'

Some are easily put together with bits at home, some more elaborate and needing to buy or hire, but hopefully there's enough here to inspire you with the perfect costume solution!

Got any ideas to add to the list? Pop a comment on this post with your own additions and we'll add them!

Karate Kid
Katy Perry
Keith Lemon
Kelly Osbourne
Kenickie (Grease)
Kenny (South Park)
Kermit the Frog
Kill Bill – Uma, Nurse
King Arthur 
King Henry VIII (we have this in our hire costume collection - click here)
King Kong
King Neptune
King of Hearts/Clubs etc
King Richard
King Tutt
Kirk (Star Trek Captain)
Kiss (band member)
Kristine Kochanski
Kryton (Red Dwarf)
Kung fu fighter (Bruce Lee)
Kyle (South Park)
Kylie Minogue (showgirl)

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