Monday, February 3, 2014

Children's costumes added to hire collection

We have now started to add children's costumes to our Hire collection!

We're getting ready for World Book Day already, and as well as ordering in the usual Children's costumes that we sell, we're also adding something a little different to our collection - Children's hire costumes!

It's pretty unusual to have hire costumes for children, and we're hoping that it'll be a huge hit! Many of the packet children's costumes that you can buy, particularly anything associated with a film (disney is a perfect example), are quite expensive for what they are. This is due the the license the manufacturers have had to pay out in order to be able to make them without breaching copyright. And many parents don't want to spend £20 on an outfit their child might only wear for one day.

So we're making hire costumes which will be available to hire for children from only £10 for three days! You still have to pay a £30 deposit, as with the adult costumes (if it wasn't returned it would cost us a lot more than £10 to get a new one made), but the deposit is refunded to you on safe return of the costume.

We're trying to get pictures taken of these costumes at the moment, but we are yet to hold a proper photoshoot to display these fantastic outfits properly. So we'll be looking for children in the coming months to model these for us! But for now, we've taken a few amateur pictures of the costumes, so people can see what we have. We'll also be adding a children's hire section to our website very soon - the page is there, we just need to get the costumes added to it when they arrive!

We're really excited to have started on the children's outfits, and can't wait to add more in the near future, including curriculum costumes such as Victorians, Egyptians and all sorts! If you have any ideas of special requests for children's costumes to add to our collection, let us know! We're always open to ideas.

Keep an eye on our Blog, Twitter and Facebook page for plenty of World Book Day fancy dress ideas for all budgets - we've got lots more great blogs planned about World Book Day too!

We'll be adding the children's hire costumes to our website shortly, but if you're reading this after mid-feb, you can check them out here.

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