Saturday, June 28, 2014

All around The World Fancy Dress ideas

This fancy dress theme is very popular with a lot of parties and festivals. For example, the theme for Larmer Tree Festival 2014 is "Four Corners of the World"
Around the world is generally a very fun theme with endless possibilities. Here are some great ideas for you to consider:


French themed  fancy dress is a very obvious one, but is very fun, effective and straight forward. 
Red, white and blue are the main colours of stereotypical French outfits and vertical stripes are essential. Accessorise your costume with a beret, perhaps a moustache for men and even a string of garlic.


This is another great sub category for this particular theme of fancy dress. It is very popular for last minute dress up, as there is not really very much to it. All you really need is a poncho and sombrero hat and this style will work well for men and women. For men in particular, you can also wear a moustache.
Another cool idea is to dress as a Mexican wrestler. You can either buy a full wrestler costume or make one yourself with tights, underwear, mask, cape etc..

For women who want to look a little more feminine, poncho style dresses are available, or you could dress in a Mexican fiesta style dress and accessorise with flowers and maracas.

Mexican Day of the Dead.

This style of costume and make up has become very popular lately. It is based on the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' and costumes can be quite beautiful and elaborate. Make up is a very important part of this look and often is the focal point of the costume. 

 To achieve this look, simply get a pretty colourful Mexican style dress. Anything corseted or with a petticoat is a bonus. Then, apply your skull make up. You can go as crazy as you like, just make sure it's colourful! Also, women usually wear flowers in their hair. Men can do the same, just with a colourful suit.

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Stereotypically German fancy dress is another popular 'Around the World' fancy dress idea. The different costumes are usually quite similar, however there are variations in male and female costumes of this theme. It mostly consists of laaderhosen, a hat and the colour green. 

A German bar maid fancy dress is always a good choice. It is pretty, cheap and easy to find.


Indian Bollywood fancy dress is another option. It is bright, colourful and fun. It works well for women and men and costumes are relatively easy to find. 

Just like the costumes on the right, if dressing as a pair, coordinating colours is a good idea. 

Remember, when it comes to Bollywood fancy dress, you can never have too many accessories or jewels.

Red Indian.

This theme is very easy to achieve and also very recognisable. Costumes in this style are also usually quite cheap and don't need too many accessories.

 As long as you get a costume with a lot of fringing and geometric patterns, your costume will look great. Once teamed up with beaded jewellery and feathers, the fancy dress will look very authentic.
Another quick tip, plaited hair was very commonly worn by Red Indians.

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Chinese fancy dress is opulent, pretty and comfy to wear. The fabric is usually lightweight and comes in various different patterns and colours.

It is great for women and men, as the costumes are quite similar, except that the men's costumes come mostly with trousers and the women's costumes are dresses or skirts.
Colours such as red and blue are the most popular in this theme, but pink can work well too.

For women, a Geisha costume is a very nice idea. Just paint your face white as a Geisha and get the right hair and you're set. In our shop, we have a huge range of Snazaroo and Smiffy's face paint, so come and take a look!

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