Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our new product lines, ready for the festival season! festival season is upon us (Yippee!!!) and we're so excited about some of the new product lines we've got in ready!

Party Ponchos

Party ponchos are a new product from Smiffy's for 2014, based on the popularity of ponchos for wet festivals like Glastonbury, Smiffy's have designed their own range to appeal to festival go-ers, and we love them!

There are a few different styles, and they look brilliant. Definitely a must-have for festival go-ers this season!

Make Up

We already stocked a variety of face paints and glitters, but now we've extended the range to include other brands - which gives us a lot more colour choice!


We've stocked Stargazer lashes ever since we opened, but now we're starting to stock a few of their other products!
   We've just added their glitter gels, neon hair gels and UV nail polish to our collection, and we're hoping to add some UV glitter shakers and plenty more products for the near future (just got to find space for them all!). 

So far they're already proving a hit, especially the glitter gels and neon hair gels.


One of the best known brands in fancy dress has always been Smiffy's and they have their own range of face paints, glitters and all sorts to compete with brands like Snazaroo. We stock their whole range of face paint colours, from small crayons to whole pots!
They also have a great range of UV face paints too, much cheaper than other brands. Plus UV hair and body sprays so plenty of options for party-goers!


We've always stocked Snazaroo, both the face paints and glitter gels and iridescent powders, but now we're adding a few more colours! Although Smiffy's have a wide range, they don't have quite as many colours as Snazaroo do.... so stocking Snazaroo too adds a whole lot more colours to our stock!

Just about the most popular brand of face paints, and they have a wide range of colours available (and the brand of choice by pro face painters!) they're a little more expensive than other brands, but they are very good!

Stargazer and Smiffy's (which we stock) do cheaper glitter gels than Snazaroo, but Snazaroo are still a firm favourite with our customers, and have a different set of colours, so we definitely have plenty of choice!

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