Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walk on the Wild Side fancy dress ideas.

We have two ideas for fancy dress categories for this particular theme: Wild animals or crazy, 'wild' costumes. We have a great range of animal costumes in our store and we have plenty of crazy costumes and fun accessories.

Wild animals.

Wild animals are easy costumes to pull off. You simply pick your favourite animal and buy the costume. Some examples of animals is a lion, tiger, monkey, bear, wolf etc...

The animal costumes are comfy and easy to wear.

Animal costumes for women.

Smiffy's has some sexy animal costumes in their Fever range. They are perfect for Hen parties and other events. They are high quality and reflect the chosen animal very well.

Animal Face paint.

To finish off your costume, why not try your hand at face painting? We have a range of face paints in our store for you to use. Most animal face paint looks are easy to achieve, just work from a reference and make sure you have the right colours.

Here are some face paint ideas for animal themed fancy dress:

At our store in Bristol, we have a huge range of Snazaroo and Smiffy's face paint. We have a large selection of colours from you to browse.

'Wild' costumes.

For a 'wild' costume, think outside of the box. A wild costume could be anything crazy, unusual or funny. Brightly coloured things like morph suits work well and require little to no planning. Other ideas could be things such as bacon costumes, baby costumes or men dressing in drag. 

Here is a link to a Baby costume on our website 

Morph suits are very popular and work well with this theme. They are brightly coloured and easy to wear.


For some men, dressing in drag is the epitome of the 'Wild side' and we stock some great drag queen costumes from Widmann. There are some great dresses in specific colours, which match specific wig colours. Just put on a pair of heels, some makeup and you're set!

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