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2000 Trees Fancy Dress. (TV/DVD box sets).

This theme may seem daunting, but all you have to do is research. Just choose your favourite TV or film series. However, it is best to choose one that is relatively well known and characters that are easily recognisable.

Doctor Who.

For people who enjoy the series Doctor Who, this is perfect. You can dress as any one of the Doctors forms or women can dress as one of The Doctor's companions. From Tom Baker's brightly coloured scarf to David Tennant's brown pinstripe suit and converse, you can easily achieve the look you're going for.

 As long as you choose the right coloured suits and the right accessories, your costume will be very convincing. Remember the sonic screwdriver!

A great companion to dress as is the character Martha. She mostly wore the same outfit throughout her time on the show and for people who watch Dr Who, her clothing is easily recognisable.

Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is a very popular TV series and makes for great fancy dress. The obvious choice would be a Walter White costume, or even Jesse.
All you need is a yellow jumpsuit, blue gloves and a gas mask.
For the perfect Walter White costume, a bald cap and his goatee will really finish it off.

Game of Thrones.

For a Game of Thrones costume, lots of different medieval outfits will work, or you can create an outfit based on a specific character and garment.

Random Medieval outfits will work fine, as long as you get the right accessories, props and wigs, your character will be recognised.

Here is a link to a medieval style dress from our website:

Orange is the New Black.

A very popular show as of late, Orange is the new Black makes for some great fancy dress. It's easy, cheap and comfortable.

For this fancy dress, all you need is an orange inmate uniform or a beige/sand coloured version. Layer with a long sleeved shirt underneath, or just go for plain short sleeves. Then all you need is an inmate badge. You can dress as a specific character from the show or just wear the uniform as yourself.

On our website, we have great prisoner outfits.

The Walking Dead.

For the Walking Dead, you have two options, you can dress as one of the protagonists or just a zombie. Most characters have a specific outfit that they wear, and prop weapons will perfect it.

For people who watch the show, any character costume will be extremely recognisable, as long as you choose their most iconic outfit. However, a simple zombie costume will suffice.

Think of the most popular characters, such as Rick, Shane, Daryl, Glenn or Andrea.

At Fancy Dress Fanatics, we have The Walking Dead licensed zombie costumes. We also have great props.

True Blood.

True Blood is a very popular vampire show. Just like The Walking Dead, you could either just dress as a vampire or as a specific character. Both work fine.

Going for a most well known main character should work very well. You could dress as characters such as Sookie, Eric or Bill. The hair and small details are definitely important when dressing as a 'normal' character. Another option is to just simply dress as a vampire. This is very straightforward. Fangs and fake blood is a must!

We have lots of vampire accessories in our shop, along with various vampire - like contact lenses.

Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey would make for some amazing, glamorous, intricate fancy dress.
With such a large cast, there are many different options from different characters to dress as.

Downton Abbey Fancy Dress really is just period costume. It's rather simple and easy to find. Just look for things that look very Post- Edwardian. To dress as specific characters, team period costume with the right wig. For men, do the same, but with suits or army uniforms.

Here is one of the costumes on our website. It is from a slightly different time period, but it could definitely work.

Mad Men.

Mad men is a great TV series set in the 1960's. Fancy dress inspired by the show is very easy to achieve, as it is pretty much just 60's clothing.

For men, a suit will suffice. Just make sure that the type of suit you wear would have been worn in the 60's. Almost any suit is fine as long as it is very smart, with a tie. For women, a dress is your best choice. Just make sure that it is very sixties and elegant. You can dress as a particular character by wearing the right wig, or basing your costume on a specific outfit from the show.

Here is a 60's mod dress from our website:

The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory is very unique, funny costume theme. Each character is very recognisable, especially characters such as Sheldon, Amy and Raj. Simply copy their iconic looks, such as Sheldon's 'The Flash' t-shirt or his 'Green Lantern' shirt.

You could even dress up as superheroes as a re-enactment of the scene where the gang dress up.

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