Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bristol Harbour Festival - Pirate Fancy Dress

Where can you go wrong with pirate fancy dress? Every fancy dress brand has a big range of pirate costumes and Fancy Dress Fanatics is no exception! Its very easy, cheap and very straight forward. Here are some great ideas!

When choosing a pirate costume, look at movies like 'Pirates of the Caribbean' for inspiration. Most people go for the classic white puffy shirt, waistcoat and trousers for a pretty standard pirate look, but accessories can really make your costume unique.

Great things to add to your costume are hoop earrings, bandanas, eye patches, telescopes and tooth wax. We have all of these things in our shop and we also have some fun little parrot props to wear on your shoulder. Some buckled boots are also popular for pirate costumes and you can't forget the pirate hat!

 Women's pirate costumes are quite similar to men's, but most are in the style of a dress. Stripes are quite common, along with the colours red, white and black.

Click here for a link to a women's pirate costume on our website!

And here for a men's costume!

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