Friday, July 11, 2014

Gay Pride Fancy Dress

It's Gay Pride this weekend and it's a perfect excuse to dress up! Whether it's a whole costume or just a few brightly coloured accessories, we've got it all!
Here are a few ideas and some examples of what we have in store.

Dressing up for Gay Pride usually means bright colours and rainbows to represent the pride flag.
In our store, we have rainbow braces, neon rainbow necklaces, rainbow bandanas, bright indian headdresses, rainbow eyelashes and also a huge range of brightly coloured face paint.

Here is a picture of the 80's neon beads that we have. There are also matching bracelets, earrings, gloves and lace scarves.

Here is some great glitter gel by stargazer. We have a large stock of these in a variety of colours. They are perfect to add some sparkle to your make-up/ face paint.

We also have a huge collection of face paint in many colours from Snazaroo and Smiffy's. We also have some glitter powders and gels to use with it. We also have sponges and some brushes for precision application.

We also have fun accessories like these rainbow braces to dress up any regular outfit. They are one size fits all and are very unique and colourful.

We also stock some great greasepaint from Smiffy's. They come in sticks so they are easy to apply and some of them are UV sensitive! They glide smoothly onto the skin and easily wash off. UV face paint is very popular with festivals and look equally as effective in daylight.

Here is a tie dye style multicoloured bandanna. It is perfect for summer and will look great with any outfit on Pride. It has nice, summery daisy detail

We also have some pretty rainbow false eyelashes from Stargazer. They are perfect for any make up look and are very appropriate for Pride! Impress your friends with these colourful lashes and pair with lots of glitter.

We also have coloured hairspray in lots of different colours. We even have glitter hairspray. It could be very interesting and unique to match your hair to your outfit.

Click here if you want a whole costume to be directed to Fancy Dress Fanatics.

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