Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Group Fancy Dress Themes

Group fancy dress costumes are always fun with friends and there are lots of funny and unique ideas out there. Here are a few we have came up with.

Superhero Groups.
With the popularity of Superhero movies on the rise, this theme of fancy dress is a great choice. Think of well known heroes, such as The Avengers or The Justice League. 
Here are some great licensed costumes from Rubie's.


A funny idea is to get a big group of friends and dress up as different coloured crayons. It is a popular idea with a lot of pictures on the internet.

It's a very simple idea with not much to it. Simply pick some colours and wear the costume!

At Fancy Dress Fanatics, we can order in crayon costumes for you in any colour.

For women, Crayola dresses are available if you want to go for a more sexy look.

Cowboys and Indians.

This theme is a very good theme for a large group, as there are many possibilities and different types of Cowboy and Indian costume. Also, there are different variations for women, men and children.

Cowboy and Indian costumes are easy to find, relatively cheap and at Fancy Dress Fanatics, we have plenty in stock!

Click this link to see one of the cowboy costumes on our website.

Where's Wally.

This fancy dress is easy and great for a group, as all of the costumes are identical. All you need is a red and white stripy shirt, hat, light blue trousers and round glasses.

In our store, we have Where's Wally shirts and we can order full outfits in by request.

Nuns and Priests.

These are costumes that would work for anyone. They are simple and great for big groups. We have a lot of Nun and Priest costumes in stock, along with great additional accessories.


The characters from the Super Mario games are perfect for a small mixed gender group and is easy to pull off.

We have a few licensed Super Mario costumes and also accessories such as moustaches and gloves.

To take a look at one of our Mario costumes, click here!


 For all you Kiss fans out there, this group costume is perfect for you and your friends. It's simple, all you need is the costume and some face paint. You just have to decide on who gets to be Gene Simmons!  A crazy black wig is definitely needed!

To take a look at one of our Kiss costumes, click here.

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