Sunday, July 13, 2014

Once Upon a Time in the West.

The theme for Saturday's fancy dress at Once Upon a Time in the West this year is a joint theme of 'The Wild West' and 'Once Upon a Time'. 
You can get as wild and creative as you want with this theme, and even merging the two is a very fun idea. You could go for the obvious choices such as cowboy/cowgirl or a fairy, or here is a list of ideas that you could use. 


For the theme if The Wild West, cowboy and cowgirl costumes would be the most common. They are easy to find and even easier to put together. 

Here is a link to a cowgirl costume!


The opposite option from the cowboy costumes is a Red Indian costume. These are similar to the cowboy costumes in popularity and work well in a group when combined with people dressed as cowboys. 
The red Indian look is quite easy to achieve. All you need is a good costume with fringing and a feather headdress.

Wild West Mexican.

Another great idea for fancy dress in the theme of 'The Wild West' is a Mexican costume, with a poncho, sombrero and accessories such as a moustache. This type of fancy dress is perfect for summer, as it is comfortable and easy to wear. 
Just get a prop gun and your costume will be perfect!

Well known Fairy Tales.

A great idea is to dress as a well known fairy tale character, from books and films such as Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella etc... Costumes like this are usually sold as full costumes, so take little trouble to put together.

Fairy Tale characters from modern movies.

Characters from animated movies are quite good ideas for fancy dress, as there are a lot of characters to choose from. Also from the animated quality of the characters, costume details are very easy to spot and characters very distinguishable. 

Some specific ideas could be characters from the movie 'Shrek' such as Shrek, Fiona and Donkey.  We have a great Shrek mask in our Fancy Dress Fanatics store.
These costumes may be a little harder to find, as it is particularly specific, but a DIY outfit would be quite straight forward. The donkey costume is quite easy, as it's just a donkey costume.

Another idea is to dress as some of the characters from Tim Burton's modern take on 'Alice in Wonderland.' channelling characters such as The Mad Hatter, Alice or the Queen of Hearts. The costumes from the new movie are very fun and unique and will really make a statement.

Here is a link to an Alice costume from our website.

Fairy costumes.

Fairy costumes are very 'Once Upon a Time' as they are a reoccurring character/creature in Fairy Tales. There are no limits or guidelines to a fairy costume and anything goes. As long as you have wings and a pretty dress, you're set. Just co- ordinate colours and try to choose something cutesy and light.

Princes and Princesses. 

For Fairy Tale based fancy dress, you do not have to dress as a specific character, the aesthetic just has to resemble a fairy tale. So a prince or princess will work great. 

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