Friday, July 4, 2014

St Paul's Carnival

Going to St Paul's Carnival? This is a great opportunity for some fun fancy dress!
Carnivals are vibrant and a lot of fun, and we have plenty of people passing our shop on their way to the event! Why not pop in on your way down and get something fun to get you in the party mood? Here are some ideas.

Classic Carnival Costumes!

Carnivals mean one thing: bright colours and lots of feathers. Most of the dressing up will be done by the entertainers in the parades, but anyone can join in the fun of dressing up.

Going all out.

When going for an elaborate, amazing costume, pick a colour scheme and go crazy! Anything bright and eye catching is perfect, with lots of feathers and accessories.

The best way to go about this kind of fancy dress is to get a good base costume/ dress and accessorise like crazy! Feather headdresses and accents are always a staple in Carnival costumes, as long as they match the outfit! At Fancy Dress Fanatics, we have lots of fun, colourful accessories perfect for Carnivals!

Simple fancy dress.

For those of you who want to be a little more subtle, just wearing normal clothes is fine. You could however, add simple additional accessories and little accents to really get into the spirit.
Some cool accessories could be headdresses, headpieces, masks, feather boas or just flashy jewellery.

 Masquerade masks work very well for Carnivals and are quite inexpensive, too. You can even customise your own to wow your friends! Get a bright mask with feathers, and you can't go wrong.

Even simple things like coloured hair extensions, or extensions with feathers in them can add a little something to your carnival look.

Brightly coloured beaded jewellery is a very wearable statement piece that you can wear with any summery outfit.

In our Bristol store, we have a wide range of Masquerade style masks in different colours and themes. We also have lots of bright and neon accessories and jewellery. We also have some headdresses and feather extensions. 

Ideas for the boys.

Here are some ideas for Carnival fancy dress for guys. The options are really quite similar to the girls. Just pick bright accessories, headdresses and masks, and you're set. If you really want to push the boat out, you could dress in a male Carnival outfit.

Men apply to the tips given so far, such as the masquerade masks, but there are some more products that we sell in store for you to browse.
We have some great bright, neon trilby hats to dress up a normal outfit. Also, some comical, bright glasses or bead necklaces can work well too.

We stock these products in our store, for a very cheap price!

Face Paint.

Face paint is a very easy way to capture the carnival spirit through fancy dress! A simple, colourful design will work very well with whatever you wear. Here are some fun ideas.

Men can wear face paint too!

At Fancy Dress Fanatics, we have a great range of Snazaroo face paint and also Smiffy's face paint. We also have lots of glitter powders, gels and more. Swirly, colourful patterns work very well and are easy to achieve. If you match the colours of your face paint to your outfit, it brings the whole look together.

Snazaroo is probably the best brand of face paint, used by professional face painters and we have a lot of different colours in stock. We have pretty much every colour that you could possibly need covered by the various brands we stock, along with lots of glitter, hair sprays, neon hair gels and all sorts!

Pop in and see us in our Bristol Fancy Dress Shop on your way and pick some up!

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