Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Fancy Dress

Summer is here and this means plenty of BBQ's and summer themed fancy dress. Some themes could be Hawaiian, Nautical, Baywatch, 60's summer of love and even Pirates. 
Here are some ideas you can try.

Hawaiian themed fancy dress is such a simple costume, and it is relatively cheap to put together. All you need is a grass skirt and lei and you're good to go! However, to really go all the way, you can add fun props and accessories.
For a male Hawaiian costume, a Hawaiian shirt is essential.They are comfy and give just the Hawaiian look that you want. dress it up with a lei and some props and inflatables and you're done!
For women, a grass skirt is very effective and is fairly cheap. A coconut/shell bra, lei, flower accessories and inflatable props will finish it perfectly.

On our website, we have a whole category stocking Hawaiian themed costumes. We have women's dresses, Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and more!
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Pirate themed fancy dress is quite simple, but may include a lot of different elements. You can take inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean  and wear plain blouses, belts, gun holsters and big boots.
Women can wear the men's costumes and it still looks great. However, there are women's varieties, similar to the men's costumes, but with a skirt. White blouses, bandanas and big boots are a great place to start. Accessorising with eye patches, earrings and hook-hands is a must.


At Fancy Dress Fanatics, we sell lots of pirate costumes in various styles and sizes. On our website, we have an entire section dedicated to Pirate themed fancy dress:

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60's (Summer of Love.)

In the 60's, the summer of love was a time of fun, peace and parties! Any 60's costume would be perfect for this theme. Bright colours and floral prints are key for this look, and due to the summer theme, try to keep cool in shorter garments and flowy fabrics. accessorize with round glasses and bright jewellery will be perfect.

Here is one of the Smiffy's dresses.

On our online shop, we have a range of 60's hippie costumes, varying from floral dresses to trousers and waistcoats. Take a look!:

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Baywatch was a very popular show from
1989 - 1999 and it's beach theme is a great fancy dress idea. It is
a simple costume to put together, if you know where to look for it. You can either completely replicate the outfits, or put your own spin on it.

 Here are some of the Smiffy's Baywatch costumes. They consist of the famous red Baywatch trunks, red swimsuits and Bawatch shirts.

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Nautical themed fancy dress is always popular in the summer, as everyone loves being by the sea in the sun. Some ideas are sailors, mermaids, fish or maybe Neptune. These are all easy costumes that can't go wrong!


 On, we have lots of Nautical costumes, such as the Captain's Uniform

Bondi Beach.
An Australian beach theme is quite a unique idea, but is very easy to achieve. It is rather similar to the Baywatch theme , but not as specific. Sub- categories in this theme could be just a regular beach-goer or perhaps a lifeguard. Other than lifegaurd costumes, simple beach wear such as trunks, bikini tops etc works well.

Out Brazilian life guard costume is fun and great for stag-dos.

Don't forget the sunscreen!

Mermaid make-up/face-paint.

For the mermaid costume, good make up is a great way to enhance your costume.
Here is some inspiration!

At our Fancy Dress Fanatics store, we have a wide range of Snazaroo and Smiffy's face paint. We also stock iridescent powders and glitter gels for you to use to achieve that perfect aquatic look!

For any ideas and tips on application, Youtube is your best friend!

Seashells can make great headpieces!

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