Friday, July 4, 2014

Superheroes and Villains.

Superheroes and Villains is a very popular theme amongst parties and stag do's. We are always asked for ideas for this theme and we have great costumes fitting the Superhero theme. Here are just some of the many costumes and looks you can go for.

Superman / Super Girl / Wonder Woman.

Superman (and supergirl!) and Wonderwoman are probably the first choice for superhero themed fancy dress, being the most iconic superheroes. The costumes are relatively easy to find and don't need many added accessories. Most costumes come with everything needed. When buying a Superman costume, size is very important and you want to make sure it fits comfortably, but snugly.
If going for a more classic look, the 'Christopher Reeve' style Superman costume id the right choice. However, for a more modern look, perhaps the 'Man of Steel' Superman costume would work well, as it is from the most recent Superman movie.

Here are the Rubies officially licensed Superman and Wonderwoman costumes.

You can find Superman costumes for sale on our website - click here.

Batman and Robin.

Batman and Robin is a great idea for friends, or you could simply dress as one or the other. There are some great officially licensed Rubies costumes, which are relatively cheap and easy to wear.

There are also the newer style Batman costumes, from The Dark Knight films. 

You can buy Batman costumes on our website, click here to view.


For a Stag-do or any party where you and your friends want coordinating outfits, the X-men is a very good idea. The costumes all work well together, but everyone will still look unique. There are plenty of opportunities for men and women, and all costumes are easy to put together. Our website has a whole category for Superhero costumes.

 Some of the officially licensed X-men costumes available. 

To view our range of Superheroes costumes on our website, click here.


The Avengers is another great group fancy dress idea. All costumes are quite cheap, depending on what you're looking for. For example, with the Iron Man costume, you can either go for a realistic looking printed jumpsuit or plastic armoured pieces. Rubies makes great officially licensed costumes for a great price and great quality.

To take a look at our Iron Man costume, available on our website, click here


There are plenty of costumes to become your favourite villain. Every Superhero franchise has a main villain that would be a great costume. It works especially well if you dress as someone who is easily recognised. Our shop has a range of these costumes and The Joker costumes are very popular!

The Rubie's Joker costume comes with everything and a mask, so no face paint is required! Also, The Joker and Harley Quinn would make a nice costume for couples. Similar to the Superhero costumes, there are printed jumpsuits, or deluxe costumes with plastic armour pieces. Both are very effective.

Take a look at our Harley Quinn costume on our website

Make your own Superhero!

A great idea is to make your own Superhero identity and costume. It is certainly unique. You can get creative and put together a costume using various clothing or fancy dress items and fun accessories. Simple come up with a look and a colour scheme and get going! Pair plain clothes with capes, masks and gloves.

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