Monday, September 22, 2014

The Zoo @ Rehab

The Zoo is coming to Rehab and fancy dress is definitely on the cards! We have great ideas, from face paint, to animal onesies and accessories.

Animal onesies.

In store, we have full animal costumes which are usually made as onesies. They are comfy, easy to wear and look great! We have lots of different animals, such as gorillas, chickens, crocodiles and more! These costumes are very easy to put together, as you need no accessories. We even have some amazing quality animal costumes for hire.

Here is a link to a crocodile costume on our website.

And here is a link to a penguin costume on 

Animal accessories

We also have a collection of different animal fancy dress accessories. We have items like animal kits, which include things like tails, ears, noses and more. We also have separate pieces, such as ears, noses and tails to add to your costume. These are great for people with a more laid back approach. We also have children's plastic animal masks.

Face Paint.

Face paint is a great way to add a little flair to your costume and at Fancy Dress Fanatics, we have lots of it. We have a huge collection of face paint from brands like Snazaroo and Smiffy's. Face paint works for anyone and there are plenty of simple designs that would work great.

Those of you with an artistic eye could make your face paint the focus of the costume, by really taking the time to add lots of detail.

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