Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UV Rave at Walkabout

One of the events at UWE Freshers this year is a UV rave at Walkabout. We have lots of items to buy in store that would be perfect for this event.

Face paint.

We have a huge selection of regular face paint and also UV face paint.

 UV face paint isn't complicated, most people just paint random patterns with dots and lines. It is very easy to do and complicated designs are not necessary. Even the most simple design will look great under UV light.

In store, we have some UV paint sticks. Application is very easy and you can create cool patterns with ease. The more
colour the better!

Morph suits are a great costume to wear with face paint, as it is eye catching, but not flashy so it doesn't overshadow the UV paint.

It is also a great idea to wear lots of UV accessories, such as hats, jewellery, gloves etc..

Here is a link to a Second Skin costume on our website.

We also have official Morphsuits.

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