Tuesday, September 16, 2014

UWE Freshers Beach Party

Freshers is almost here and there are plenty of fancy dress events! One of which is the Freshers Beach Party. There are lots of things you could dress as, so here are some ideas!


The first thing people think of when they hear 'Beach fancy dress' is Hawaiian. These type of costume are easy to find and come in many different variations.

We  have lots of Hawaiian costumes, including grass skirts, hawaiian shirts and dresses.

Most of what makes a great Hawaiian costume are the accessories. We have lots of accessories that will make any costume amazing, such as Hawaiian lei, grass skirts, shell bras, headbands and wristbands.

We also have lots of fun props such as coconut drinking cups and flower straws.
We also have lots of inflatables such as flamingoes, monkeys, parrots, sharks and more!

Here is a link to a Hawaiian man costume on our website.

And here is a link to a Hawaiian dress on our website.


Baywatch is a very popular fancy dress theme and works very well for the beach theme. We have lots of officially liscenced Baywatch costumes for both men and women. We also have some prop inflatable floats, (pictured below with costume).

The official Baywatch costumes are comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect for parties.

Here is a link to our women's Baywatch costume.

Here is a link to our Baywaych men's costume.

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