Sunday, September 14, 2014


One of the events at UWE Freshers this year is a 'Cat Face Party'. This means one thing: face paint.
This is a very easy theme to pull off and requires little effort. All you need is normal clothes and face paint. You could interpret this theme in a different way, although the basic face paint is more likely.

Face Paint

For most, simple cat makeup is enough. Just paint on a nose and whiskers and you're set! However, if you have an artistic eye, you could go more detailed and create an amazing face paint look. We have lots of face paint in lots of different colours for you to choose from. We also have face paint crayons to use for the basic cat face paint.

Most people tend to wear simple black clothing whilst dressing as a cat, or just match your clothes to the colours of your face paint if you want to use colours other than black.
You could even accessorize with cat ears and a tail. We have instant cat kits in our store which include ears, a tail and sometimes a nose or a bow tie.

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