Monday, October 6, 2014

Pirate Party @ The Thekla.

Hop aboard the Thekla on the 23rd September for the Pirate Party. The theme is obviously pirates and we have plenty of great costumes and accessories at Fancy Dress Fanatics.


In store, we have plenty of great pirate costumes for sale and we also have handmade great quality costumes available for hire. We have plenty of costumes for men and women in a variety of styles.
Take inspiration from films like 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or even Captain Hook from Peter Pan.
Pictured to the left is Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. As you can see, accessories are the key to this look.

Here is a link to a women's pirate costume on our website.

Click here to see a men's costume on our website.

Here is another pirate costume to take a look at.

We have a large selection of great pirate accessories, such as the eye patches pictured below.

Props are also a great idea. You could carry a sword or gun, or even have a parrot companion on your shoulder! We have a few different pirate swords to choose from, along with fake guns. We also have fake parrots to perch on your shoulder, along with inflatable ones.

Make up

Pirates aren't usually sparkling clean, so face paint is a good idea. Use dark colours to dirty yourself up a bit. We also have blackout tooth stain to give the illusion of a missing tooth.

Think of the fact that pirates are weathered and stranded on boats for months.

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